3D Printing

Our resin 3D printing service is an affordable way to manufacture high quality parts for prototyping, proof of concept, or even school projects.

Small Batch Plastic
Injection Molding

Once prototyping is complete, your product needs to be tested in the market. Our machine requires minimal tooling costs, which we carryover to you, in order to provide you with an affordable service to test the market.

Strategic Supplier

Once the design is finalized and the market has been tested, we can connect you with proven Canadian mass production manufacturers to make your dreams become reality!

About Leepa

Here at Leepa, we pride ourselves on quality work at reasonable prices. Our 3D printing and small batch production allows any company or individual to test out their plastic ideas/prototypes without paying monstrous tooling costs.

We work mainly with startups as well as small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing support during planning, conception, development and prototyping of new ideas. With our Engineering background, our highly skilled team is able to help you solve complex problems. At Leepa, not only do we provide prototyping services, we also help connect you with the best production suppliers in your industry. That way, we ensure your product is in good hands!

If you have an idea of a product that you would like to bring to life, we are the right partner for you. We currently serve the Greater Toronto & Golden Horseshoe area. Contact us today to learn more about how we can speed up your prototyping process.

Lazar K.
President at Leepa

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